Steel Deck 65mm

Steel Deck 65mm

Steel decks are used in building roof construction. Compared to older materials, steel decks are easier to implement due to their corrugations and curves. Since the grooves are filled with cast-in-place concrete, execution speed and building safety are considerably greater compared to the other techniques.

As ordered by the client, the deck roll forming is offered in thicknesses between 0/50–1/25mm and widths of 1000 and 1250 mm.



  • Easy, high quality, and quick execution in construction projects;
  • Lighter than beam and block or composite roofs;
  • Reduced foundation dimensions and rebar usage;
  • Producing a seamless, homogenous roof and less roof vibrations;
  • Simultaneous concrete casting for all roofs and reducing the concrete usage;

Overall, steel deck roofs reduce execution time, material waste, construction costs, and total project costs.


  • Mainly used for building roofs, steel deck is very effective in improving the speed, safety, and construction quality when used in high rise buildings;
  • Due to a level, uniform underside, steel decks can be used without false ceilings for places like parking spaces.

Differences between steel decks with 65 mm and 75 mm pitches

Steel decks with a 65 mm pitch are used in roofs bearing less load (e.g. stairways) to reduce the concrete cost and building weight, whereas steel decks with a 75 mm pitch are used in main roofs bearing heavier loads, which consequently imposes greater concrete costs.


Sample projects using steel decks